Mobile Banking – SMS Text Messaging FAQ

By January 29, 2000March 9th, 2016Mobile Banking - SMS Text Messaging FAQ

Are there certain phone requirements for using the SMS Text Messaging service?

To use the SMS text messaging service, your mobile device must send and receive text messages to and from a short code. Because most mobile devices are capable of sending and receiving text messages, your phone is most likely compatible with eMobile.

What type of information can I receive using the SMS Text Messaging service?

You can receive information about account balances, review recent account activity, and find ATM and branch locations.

What are the keywords that can be used to retrieve information?

  • To view account Balances send: “BAL”, “BALANCE” or “BALANCES”
  • To view Transaction history send: “STMT”, “TRAN” or “HIST” plus the nickname for the account (e.g., HIST Free Checking). Reply to the transaction history text with the word “NEXT” or “MORE” to view the next group of transactions.
  • To locate an ATM send: “ATM” plus the ZIP code, city or state for the ATM (e.g., ATM 20123)
  • To receive additional information on eMobile keywords send “HELP” or “HLP”.

Are the keywords case-sensitive?

No. Whether you type “BAL” or “bal,” a response with your account balance will be sent.

What should I do if I don’t get a response to a request?

Make sure you are sending text messages to the “96924”. Check the keyword and any additional information required for the request, such as the financial institution’s identifier, account nickname, or address.

Why are my results sent as multiple messages?

Text messages are limited to 160 characters. If your account information exceeds the character limit your account information is sent in multiple messages – no more than five at a time.

I have text messaging enabled on my mobile device, why can’t I receive text messages?

Your mobile service carrier may be blocking short codes or you may have blocked short codes on your mobile device. Short codes must be enabled to use eMobile. Short codes are abbreviated phone numbers, usually five digits.


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