Helpful Links

Provides market quotes and world news from around the globe.

Wall Street Journal
The leading provider of business and financial news and analysis on the web.

Wisconsin State Journal
Daily Wisconsin newspaper published by Capital Newspapers in Madison, Wisconsin. 

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
The top daily newspaper in Milwaukee and the largest newspaper in Wisconsin.

The Capital Times
Primarily Internet-based newspaper published in Madison, Wisconsin by The Capital Times Company.

Yahoo! Finance
The top financial news and research website in the United States.

One of the top five financial sites on the Web and a premier location for news and financial information. 

Association for Financial Professionals
A resource for financial professionals for continuing education, financial tools and publications, career development, certifications, research, representation to legislators and regulators, and the development of industry standards.

International Monetary Fund
Provides current and past currency rates.

National Check Fraud Center
Your complete source for assistance, information, counterfeit check alerts, forgery, check fraud, bank fraud and white collar crimes.

Small Business Administration (SBA)
Offers business information, resources and a guide to various export support programs.

Wisconsin Department of Commerce
The state's primary business services site containing information for businesses of all types and sizes.

Tax Links

Electronic State Tax Payment Enrollment
Complete the required information and a registration packet will be sent to you.  Remember, by selecting the ACH Debit Option when enrolling you will be able to transfer funds by instructing the State to electronically debit your bank account.  This type of payment transaction is free.

Electronic Federal Tax Payment Services (EFTPS)
Use this link to pay your federal taxes online.

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