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By November 13, 2017December 12th, 2017Fraud Alert - FAQ

Through what channels can I receive Fraud Alerts on my debit card?

Phone call and or text message.

How do I opt in or opt out of text message fraud alerts?

When a new card is issued or a cell phone number is updated in our system, an enrollment text message will be sent to your phone. The message will be from Capitol Bank Fraud Alert – Reply YES to enroll. If you previously declined or did not respond, contact Capitol Bank to have the enrollment message resent.

You may reply STOP at any time to cancel. You can also call to opt-out.

When are alerts received?

Card transaction activity is monitored 24/7/365. If a suspicious transaction is detected, a phone call will be made to your phone number on file or a text message sent if you enrolled in the service. Text messages are immediate, phone call alerts can take several hours depending on the time of day.

How do I determine if fraud has occurred?

Review transactions provided by Capitol Bank’s Fraud Prevention Service or log in to your online banking or through the Capitol Bank Mobile App. Review your transactions to check for any unauthorized activity.

What do I do if there is fraud on my card?

If fraud is present, respond to the phone call or text message made by Capitol Bank’s Fraud Service Center, and contact Capitol Bank during business hours to report the fraud and request your new debit card. To call Fraud Prevention dial 800-262-2024 during non-banking hours.

To have a new card issued, contact Deposit Operations during business hours608.836.1616

What do I do if there is not fraud but transactions are still being declined?

  1. Confirm your card has been activated if you’ve never used it before. Call 1-800-567-3451 and follow the prompts to activate your card.
  2. Visit Card Manager through the Capitol Bank Mobile App to ensure your card is not turned off.
  3. Contact Capitol Bank.

If you are traveling internationally, contact Capitol Bank to inform us of your travel plans. We will call you back to confirm your identify and travel information.

For other issues, please contact Capitol Bank for assistance at 608-836-1616

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