Business eStatement FAQs

General eStatement Questions

What is an eStatement?

An eStatement is an electronic version of your statement available via your online banking account.

Is eCorp required to sign up for eStatements?

Yes, eStatements are available through your secure eCorp account.

Will my eStatement look the same as my paper statement?

Yes, your eStatement looks exactly like your paper statement.

Can I access an eStatement for all of my accounts?

Both checking and savings accounts are available online. If you currently have a combined statement, any accounts that are currently on the statement will be available online.

How much does it cost to receive eStatements?

There is no charge. eStatements are free!

Will I be able to print my eStatement and check images?

Yes, you may print the eStatement just like you print any other document on your computer. If you currently receive images with your statement, the images are available with eStatements.

What if I change my email address?

If you change your email address, please notify Capitol Bank by calling 608-836-1616 (Operations Department) so we can continue sending you the eStatement notifications. It's just like a physical move - only for your emails.

Can I get both a paper statement and an eStatement?

Unfortunately, you may only receive one type of statement.

How can I change from eStatements back to a paper statement if I wish to do so?

Notify the Bank by calling 608-836-1616 or 608-845-0108 and we will make the change for you.

When will I receive my eStatement?

The eStatements will be generated along the same timeline that your paper statement was generated. Instead of waiting for the mail, your eStatement notification will be sent to you instantly!

What kind of computer software do I need to view my eStatements?

Because you receive your eStatement through Online Banking you do not need any additional software.

eStatements via eCorp

How do I access my eStatement through eCorp*?

  • Log in to your eCorp account
  • Select the account for which you would like to view the statement
  • Select the "Documents" tab

* If you have a combined statement with a primary checking account, all other accounts will be found linked just like your paper copy.

Will I need a password to view my eStatement in eCorp?

No. Once you log into your eCorp account the eStatements are available. An additional password will not be necessary to view your eStatements.

When can I view my eStatement in eCorp?

You can log in to view eStatements at any time. Capitol Bank will send you an email letting you know when a new eStatement is available. An entire year of eStatements are available and archived for you online.