Proud supporter of the American Family Children's Hospital. . .

Read our employees' stories and find out why we are so passionate about the children's hospital.  You will see how our employees and their families have benefitted from the outstanding care they received, and begin to understand how important it is for the whole community.

Wendy and Joe Jirsa

Our daughter Haley was born with a congenital heart defect called Tetralogy of Fallot. She was born in Madison but after unforeseen events, was transported to Milwaukee for two open heart surgeries to correct the defect.  Today Haley is a typical three year old, and doing well. We are so grateful for the wonderful follow up care she received, and will continue to receive from the Cardiovascular Team at the American Family Children's Hospital. They truly do make a difference in children's lives. 

Shelley and Josh Andrews

As a parent your greatest fear is something happening to your child.  Even something minor can lead to a lot of panic and anxiety.  If the situation is more serious you can feel as though your world is falling apart. When our fear was realized the American Family Childrenís Hospital was there for us.  Nothing is more frightening than the unknown, and when Willís liver stopped functioning properly, we were thrown into a world very unfamiliar to us.  Thankfully the doctors, nurses and coordinators at the childrenís hospital were there to catch us. Throughout the process we were convinced that we were in the best possible place for Willís condition.  Convictions that were confirmed by many sources, including medical professionals not affiliated with the hospital.

We feel like we can never fully thank the hospital for what it has given us, not the least of which is peace of mind.  After the transplant, Willís condition has been stable for the past few years, but there is no telling what the future holds, and it is extremely comforting knowing that a world class facility like the American Family Childrenís Hospital is right around the corner, just in case.


 Amy and John Enge

When my son, Brady, was born in November of 2000, we were excited for the birth of our 8 lb. baby, born with tons of dark hair.  Twenty four hours later the excitement turned to tears and worry as we were told by a pediatric cardiologist that Brady was born with many congenital heart defects.  This began our relationship with the Childrenís Hospital.  Since his original surgery and 2 ½ month hospital stay after his birth, we have had other stays.  We have been very happy with the American Family Childrenís Hospital since their opening in 2007.  The new hospital provides our family with great accommodations when we need to be close to our son.  Through the years we have always had great experiences with the nurses.  My husband and I have commented many times that we had such a great rapport with a nurse that we wouldnít want the nurseís shift to end, but we always found the next one to be just as great!

At the end of November Brady will turn 13.  It has been a roller coaster 13 years, but through it all, itís nice to know that the American Family Childrenís Hospital is right here if we should need them.